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Clyde Barrow entered this store and took a loaf of bread to the register. Asked if he needed anything else he said "yes, half-dozen eggs and some lunch meat" and handed over a dollar. The clerk looked down to make change. Clyde flashed a gun and began to rifle the till. Another employee, Howard Hall, called "young man, you can't do that". Clyde cursed, hit Hall's face and opened fire with three to the chest. Hall fell and Clyde stepped over to shoot one more as he lay.

1 April 1934 Three Texas Highway motorcycle patrolmen, Edward Bryan Wheeler, H.D. Murphy and Polk Ivy (pictured) were traveling northwest on Highway 114 and Dove Road, just west of Grapevine. They had cruised past a black Ford V8 with yellow wheels parked on a side road. Ivy continued on to Rhome (or Roanoke, which was the halfway point), while Murphy and Wheeler turned around to investigate, unknowing that they were about to have a fatal meeting with Bonnie and Clyde.

colorized photo of Clyde on the rocks

The reverse of this original photo have a hand-written “1926” on them as well as the film processing stamp “Finished by The National Studio, 1205 1/2 Elm St., Dallas, Texas.”

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