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Love the door frame peg board idea!

Like many homeowners, you have likely faced obstacles when it comes to organizing your garage and keeping storage under control. These 15 tips will help!

Make shelves from L-hooks and 2x4s for pegboard

Easy Shelving Ideas: Tips for Home Organization

Make shelves from L-hooks and Panel your shop with pegboard instead of drywall or plywood and there'll be no shortage of space to hang dozens of hand tools, no matter how small your shop is.

A pair of 6-in. strap hinges and a 12-in. hook and eye with an extra eyebolt are all you need to build this swing-up grinder base. First, bend one strap of each hinge. Hold the hinges in place and mark the bend. Then clamp each hinge in a vise so the mark is just above the jaws and hammer it over. Mount the grinder on a block of wood and mortise in the hinges with a router or chisel so the block sits flat on your bench. Add an eye bolt toward the back of the block and mount the hook and eye…

Small Workshop Storage Solutions

Snap-on Tools Standard Drill Bit Size,Display & Storage Rack

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