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The Guggie Daily: Let's Learn About Hepatitis B Infection and Vaccination

Due to the overwhelming complexity of the vaccine topic and the overwhelming amount of information available, this post does not repres.

Harvard Study Confirms Fluoride Reduces Children’s IQ: http://naturalhealthwarriors.com/harvard-study-confirms-fluoride-reduces-childrens-iq/

Harvard Study Confirms Fluoride Reduces Children’s IQ, dentists are fraud.

In the vaccine debate currently raging in modern society, seldom, if ever, is the basic presupposition that vaccines prevent diseases ever questioned. It is assumed by the government and the medical system that this presupposition is a scientific fact.

vaccines life Fighting Forced Vaccination in America in 58 Bills in 24 States Threatening Right to Refuse Vaccines

The Kennedys have all been anti-vaccine. It's no coincidence our late president was assassinated

Robert F.: Doing the math on meningitis vaccinations - Boulder Daily Camera

Vaccine - PROOF vaccines cause SIDS

From Wyeth's VP. proof that vaccines cause sids and we're split into lot numbers to break it up.

My children were vaccinated (20 years ago) but, you know, these are   valid points.

All truth. Do NOT accept or allow for forced vaccine mandates! Our Human rights need to trump corrupt politicians and dishonest corporations. Contact your lawmakers!

Late Dr. Mayer. He attended home births in the Chicago area for years.

we were already anti-vaxx, but now most recently, having a 13 mo old with suspect vaccine injury causing autism, this only solidifies my purpose to fight harder for all those to have the right and to fight as long as need be for others who have suffered.