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Disgraced De Blasio Aide Rachel Noerdlinger Covered Up Al Sharpton’s Lie

Disgraced De Blasio Aide Rachel Noerdlinger Covered Up Al Sharpton's Lie - Washington Free Beacon

my favs were suite life of zack and cody and phil of the future. disney tv shows suck now. same with nick like kids have no clue who/what drake and josh is and im like what is wrong with your childhood?!

Disney Channel From Great to Bad, so true. My childhood slowly went down the drain. At least we know where it really ended. Obviously Suite Life on Deck was a BAD IDEA.

This just broke my heart, and I couldn't not post it. I don't know if it's real or if it's a planned text message, but if it's real, my heart broke.

Welcome to Feel City…

Funny pictures about Welcome to Feel City. Oh, and cool pics about Welcome to Feel City. Also, Welcome to Feel City.

i say this all the time. i glad someone gets this. i dont know how lost i would be without them. or youtube, id be so sad,

especially with dan and phil, but i do know where i would be. i would be either drenched in blood from my wrists and extremely depressed, or dead already<< whoa shit man that's some depressing stuff, I'm sorry 🌮

I have done every.single.one of these things...

Things That You May Have Done In Your Life

10 Things That You Have Maybe Done In Your Life. I've done em all & not necessarily as a kid haha

Oh Charlie, you get me. (via http://makemecreate.tumblr.com)

Each of an INTP's three main functions (Ti, Ne, Si) plays a role in the enjoyment of music, and indeed music is a key interest for bringing out the feeling shadow of the INTp