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SPLASHED SPARROW Since I filled the bird bath last night there has been a steady stream of birds getting a drink or bath. The bluebird was bathing when the sparrow came for a drink--and got a shower. Did you click? (4/10/13 Peace Valley, Missouri)

ALL THREE PRIMARY COLORS, red, blue, and yellow (scientifically magenta, cyan, and yellow) have been represented this week by feathered friends--cardinals, blue jays, and meadowlarks--in my yard. Click for closer. (3/3 and 3/4 2014 Peace Valley, Missouri)

ROSE-BREASTED GROSBEAK -- Among the more arresting birds passing through the Ozarks this time of year. The heavy beak (hence the name "grosbeak") marks it as a member of the cardinal family. If you click to enlarge the photo, maybe you can see the tiny droplets on its beak and head where it has been splashed by raindrops. (4/26/13 Peace Valley, Missouri)

A GREEN HERON on its way to dine. Green herons are one of the few species of animals that use tools: They float bait such as an insect, cracker, or piece of bread on the water near it. When a fish takes the bait, the heron takes the fish. The birds are also called "shitepokes" (pronounced with a long i) after their tendency to defecate as they are flushed. Click to eye its eye better. (4/27/13 Peace Valley, Missouri)

THERE WASN'T ENOUGH LIGHT to get good shots of the hummingbird but I took some anyway. I fiddled with the images on a computer and ended up with -- parts of a wallpaper pattern and a notecard cover? Clicking will get you all there is. (8/6/14 Peace Valley, Missouri) (4 photos)

INDIGO BUNTING -- If you have ever wondered to know what indigo, the color between blue and violet in the spectrum, looks like, here it is. Buntings are members of the cardinal family. They sometimes stop briefly in the Ozarks in their spring migration. Clicking gets you closer. (4/18/13 Peace Valley, Missouri)

BUTTERFLIES ARE DYING as their food sources disappear. Sadly, most are feeding as though lives depend on it. It doesn't. Only the monarchs migrate. The rest, well . . . This photo of a black swallowtail was taken in late August when butterfly bush blossoms were plentiful. Winter is murder. If you click you may be able to see its eyes. (8/21/13 Peace Valley, Missouri)

BALTIMORE BOUND? Maybe not. En route to wherever, this rain-ruffled oriole did a stopover in the Ozarks in search of a dry spot. It didn't find one. Click click. (4/26/13 Peace Valley, Missouri)

THE KISSING BEHAVIOR of cardinals is not an agreed upon subject. Some people think it has to do with a mating ritual involving food. I think that is a rumor started by embarrassed birds caught kissing and the feeding business is a ruse. (Not an April Fool's Day joke.) Click for closeup. (4/1/14 Peace Valley, Missouri)

SUNDAY BRUNCH GRAPE ~ Click for hairy paws. (4/6/14 Peace Valley, Missouri)