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Heading for the walls of the stronghold in the Black Mountains. 'the Alchemical Queen'


These lions found in a cave in France in 1994 are years old, and are believed to be the oldest paintings ever discovered

pencil and ink with pontilism

These reptile pieces are amazing - both detailed and interesting to look at. I particularly like the texture of the scales. Pointillism in pen and ink: Iguana and Young Caliman by Paul Brady

Craig Kosak


Chauvet cave - prehistoric art

ancientart: “ Prehistoric cave paintings form the Chauvet Cave in Southern France. Discovered in the Chauvet Cave is significant for its almost completely intact cave drawings that appear on its walls. Through carbon-dating, it was discovered.

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a mirror once cracked when her eyes met her reflection's. she dropped the mirror, but the glass did not break any further.

Stunning!!! "Raven flight" Tower Hamlets, London  by Chris Skaife ‏

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