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Fruit Punch Hosta - 4.5 Inch Container

Buy Hosta 'Fruit Punch' from In The Country - Iowa hosta specialty nursery.

Discover Top Shade Perennials

[Lamium--this and Lily of the Valley are my favorite ground covers for shade.] Lamium (dead nettles) is a great shade perennial and ground cover that spreads rapidly and does well with little sun.

"An all-time favorite perennial. The sweet scent of Lily-of-the-Valley will fill the garden in early spring. Each stem produces as many as 25 blooms. Easy to grow in shady areas, but will also thrive in partial sun." My favorite flower.

Green Hostas In An Intriguing Variety Of Shades - Dependable Shade Perennials Hostas

Hosta ‘Whirl Wind’ - Leaf colour changes continuously throughout the season - In spring, the leaf centre is creamy white with greenish veining, then turns light green by midsummer, and finally dark green in late summer. Unique growth habit with the pointy

Shade Flowers That Will Make You Forget the Lack of Sun

Dress up that shady spot in your front yard or backyard to plant a flower bed full of these shade-loving flowers. You'll love how easy to care for our favorite varieties are. Choose from fuchsia, bleeding heart, begonia and much much more for a colorful shade garden.

Hosta 'Red Dragon'

Red Dragon - Rare hosta with nicely rippled shiny bright green leaves held upright on red stems. Purple flowers on top of red scapes in late summer.

Idea for back left corner of yard next to fence - Beautiful hosta garden. Lots of photos with names of the plants on them.

Hosta Joy Ride PPAF

Hosta 'Joy Ride', Powder-blue leaves that are deeply cupped with extreme wavy/ruffled margins. Blue leaves in spring are blue-green in summer. HT X W.

Hosta Lakeside Paisley Print - zones Height 10 Spread 20 Full-Part shade Heart-shaped leaves with very wide, wavy, green margins. Narrow, creamy white markings in center of leaves shoot out from cream colored petioles in a feathery pattern.

Captain Kirk Hosta - 4.5 Inch Container

Large Hosta Cultivar Our Captain Kirk Hosta is a sport of the Gold Standard Hosta. These large hostas feature thicker, wider dark green margins than it'