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Marta Lallana Garcia

Marta Lallana Garcia

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Lanka Perren

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The leap for me was trusting in my instincts and reacting fast to changes in situations and opportunities to make the most of everything that came my way letting go of my London habits of control and embracing the randomness of how life unfolds here. Being in the moment so I could connect with the people enough for them to trust me and give a part of themselves to the pictures.  Words In Sight by Gillian Hyland (4/4)

Words In Sight by Gillian Hyland (4/4)

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It would be good to get a good wall shot like this, and this pose would crop well to FB covers etc.


There’s one little fact about how W. Eugene Smith worked that may be of great interest to photographers these days: Smith believed that most of what makes a photo is done in the darkroom rather than in the camera.