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Top 11 Ways to Create More Intimacy In Your Marriage Today: Give a Small Gift ... Just Because You Love Your Spouse

Claims of a Link Between Domestic Violence & Super Bowl Are Not True

Dos and Don'ts of Giving Gifts

Gift giving is an outward expression of generosity, and it is almost always appreciated. Next time you have an occasion to give a gift, keep these tips in mind.

11 Tips on Being a Good Role Model

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9 Ways to Tell It's Time to Leave a Party

Don't be the last person to leave a party. Pay attention to the host's hints when it's time to go home. Here are things to watch for.

11 Tips for a Fun and Memorable Backyard Party

Backyard parties give people a chance to relax and enjoy each other's company. Here are some etiquette tips for both hosts and guests.

9 Ways to Tell It's Time to Leave a Party

You may have the most amazing college event planned, but if no one comes, all your work will be for nothing. So how can you advertise your event in a way that will increase attendance?

5 Ways to Deal When Your Friend Becomes the Boss

How to stay friends even after your pal becomes your new boss at work.

7 Ways Good Manners Can Pay Off

You might wonder why it's important to learn and use proper etiquette in today's fast and rude world. Here are some ways good manners can pay off.

5 Ways to Check That You Have Time for a New Friendship

How is it possible to be so connected to someone who is not your biological relation, yet, who knows you better than you know yourself? The women that we embrace as our "sisters" are sometimes closer than our own family members.