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Creative Emergence Day 1

Creative Emergence is a free 30 day e-course in the art of making magic happen in your life. Journal your way into new possibilities.

Creative Journal Day 30: Hello Dream

This is my favouritest creative journaling technique: hello dream. It's fun and magic and helpful and amazing.

Creative Journal FAQ: Help! I Get Stuck Trying To Put My Dreams into Action

My question is the best ways to use your journal to put those dreams into action. I am decent about dreaming it up a bit in my visual journal however I seem to often get stuck on that part.

Creative Journal Day 6: What To Do With ALL of Those Creative Ideas

Creative Journal Day 16: Visual Love Letters

Today I'm creating visual love letters in my journal. This is a fun + creative way of learning more about how to grow your dream.

Creative Journal Day 14: Soothing Overwhelm

I've been in a bit of a flurry of creative activity and today I hit a point of overwhelm. So today's journaling is about soothing overwhelm and coming back to center.

Creative Dream Circle

Getting stuck is the worse but it’s also an integral part of the process of bringing a dream to life. It’s in exploring the stucks where you find the treasure/gifts/insights that will ultimately propel you forward. So the most important thing to do with any stuck is to stay with it, work with it and move through it. The Creative Dream Circle has tools, classes + resources to help.

Rediscovering Who You Are - Journal Prompts

Journal about yourself and find your way back to your own heart. When we know who we are, we’re more able to live with intention. The questions this month are meant to help you rediscover who you are right now. Read through, think about them, write or discuss. Come back to the ones that hit you most …