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Michael Ramirez on Gocomics.com
Do You Ever Get The Feeling That The Democratic Uber/Upper Class Has The Same Disdain... - Democratic Underground
Hahahahaahahahahahahahahahhahahahahahhahahahahahahahhahahahahahahahah oh dear god need oxygen:      Oh my god oh my god OH MY GOD. Really? Seriously really? Really really seriously really? Would they like a few Democratic votes to eliminate Social...
No one loves the status quo, and gridlock, more than the people already benefiting- Represent.Us
The cause is on left, the consequence is on the right, the problem is on top. Don't be fooled. See the bigger picture. (Aléa moral & Revolving Door)
What WalMart could learn from Henry Ford
Barton Swaim, former speechwriter for Mark Sanford, the walking governor of South Carolina, is now a disillusioned conservative pundit. In his latest opinion piece, he denounces Republicans’ belief that America is “off track” solely because of President Obama, and that putting the right people in power will put us “on track.” Continue reading