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DIY:: Amazing !! How to {Soundproof} a room on a {Budget!} Excellent Tutorial !

Soundproofing a Room on a Budget - Do you have a basement, room, home theater or gym that needs sound proofing?

this is a bucket list for girls. i do not own any of the pictures but i do edit all the pictures myself. follow me on instagram @justgirlywishes. you can find more wishes on there. thank you!! (:    «  »

I want to play the guitar but not a regular one. I want to learn electric guitar. ( ^ω^ ) my mom said she will get me a guitar for Christmas! I'm so happy! My friend is going to teach me how to play it

I kinda did know how to play when I was in my teens but didn't play for soooo long now :/

Haha this matches the one I just pinned! I want to learn to play piano or guitar so I can put music to my writing and create a song. I've started learning guitar already!

sure... why not?


I think the ukulele has such a cool sound and would be so fun to learn how to play some of my favourite songs. Its an instrument thats very cool and easy to teach yourself I believe.

Be in a band. A want this but I need to get over my fear of failure.

Be in a band but make it my career. I just need to get better at guitar. Anyone want to start a band together in the far future?

Bucket Drumming Shopping List

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Summer Bucket List Ideas. Learning to play piano or the drums would be first

15 Things to Add to Your Summer Bucket List

Summer bucket list- learn a new instrument: funny I'm learning how to play guitar

more specifically ** preform on stage everyday**


I have been performing on stage since the age of I been in plays, dance recital and choir .

Learn to play the piano. [ ]  My absolute #1 Dream..I swear I was supposed to be a piano player!~IDO

Before I die, I want to learn to play the piano. Admire anyone who could sit down at the piano and just play.even without sheet music.