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The need to extravert your feelings in a world that is at odds with emotional men, isn’t an easy thing. I know one NFJ male that seems to be truly okay with his emotional core, he’s 35. It can take a while.

I like SFJs but, I feel like I’m very alien to them. We seem to get each other except for those moments when we realize we’re on different worlds. The ESFJ programmer I know, is a rock. For the team he was on he kept picking up hats/different roles.

It’s an interesting idea that your dreams will be fulfilled through your 4th function. That to achieve the top of the spine (your first function) it must be through the bottom. I know an INTP in his 60s that is spreading cultural ideas—his very strong Ti thinking is being fulfilled/spread into the world through Fe. Most INxJs I know struggle with fulfilling the true strength of what’s in their head, truly putting their vision into the world.

More than the answer given it’s about the speed at which one starts replying. Introverted feelers will take longer to extravert on about extreme emotions. Extraverted feelers can just start talking about the emotions, without necessarily knowing where they’re going. This is usually the first emotional question I’ll ask an INTJ if I want to get a sense of how much they think about emotions, how far along they are on understanding their emotional core.

I’m close to two male INFPs, live with a female INFP and was working with another male INFP. In all those friendships I found emotional honesty was something that seemed to fall into place. I often hold back emotions because of only giving as much as people want, the INFPs I’ve met respect and want to see emotion. I like them because they don’t try and problem solve my emotions or judge emotions as good or bad (I, typically kick into problem solving mode, rather than just letti

I’ve known an interesting spectrum of INTJs. The emotionally open and settled, to the emotionally suppressed (who would like to pretend to be a robot), to the emotionally indifferent. Of the last kind I now write, the one I knew best was indifferent to people looking for more emotions. It didn’t bother him when people searched for emotions but, exploration and expression of emotions wasn’t something he considered a worthwhile pursuit. Emotions would sometimes be expressed a cou

The ENFPs I know are always upfront if you’re in a situation they aren’t familiar with. It feels like they could know nothing about whatever scenario and still find a way of relating to emotion.

When I talk to an INTJ I feel at ease learning more about them about their worldview, their systems. It feels very natural once we’ve gotten over the introvert hurdle.I can only think of one I dislike, and I spent a bit of time really wanting to get along with her. She was a…”very hard J”, dug her heels in a lot. Would use her extraverted thinking to push new information away.The ones that haven’t figured out how to deal with emotions have frustrated me in the past.