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I'm almost positive that I've pinned this before but it's too accurate to not pin again.

41 Perfect Reactions To Practically Everything That Happens in Your Life

RELEASE THEM FROM YOUR HOLD, DEMON: | 26 People Who Are In Desperate Need Of An Exorcism


Finger Print smudges on a device after games

Smear on screen after playing games haha, but everyone wants to smash there phone when it comes to flappy bird

HAHAH SO TRUE! "10 Hilarious Lion King Jokes only True Disney Fans will Understand"

The Lion King Memes, Funny Pictures About Disney Animated Movie

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35 Pics And Memes To Improve Your Mood [ "Is it a pun or nah?", "This just made me think of Youngjae trying to pronounce dandelion correctly, and failing

100 Harry Potter Memes That Will ~Always~ Make You Laugh

100 Harry Potter Memes That Will ~Always~ Make You Laugh

I saw this and... most girls can't do all that they act like in comes natural and even though I'm flexible I had to work for it so... don't act like a lot can do all that cause it is FALSE

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