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Are your students interested in learning about insects and spiders? What a wonderful way to teach the skill of comparing and contrasting! Your students will use this product to record the facts and information that they learn about insects and spiders. Use the internet and check out books from the library so your students can learn facts about these animals and then compare and contrast them.

#LetsDraw #App #AppBajar https://www.appbajar.com/en/app/com.MrDev.LetsDraw?id=2135 - Learn to draw with Lets Draw! Like a personal art teacher, it will teach you how to draw dozens of different objects and create amazing pictures. - Let's draw provides kids an opportunity to have fun in drawing. Kids can use the bunch of stamps, bright colors included in Kids Desk. All the brush and eraser sizes can be changed. Kids can enjoy drawing with music and magic wand drawing styles This is another…

Spiders: This passage is about spiders, and it is a great way to welcome the fall season, especially to use around Halloween, or use it any time you are studying spiders or reading non-fiction. It's a fun informative passage to learn some interesting facts about spiders.

Nets made by spiders on drugs. Interesting how drugs radically changes ones perception. Good illustration of what's wrong with their use and people who use them.

Interesting spider webs. Here is how it was done. First they drew the spider web using white oil pastels on white paper and then painted the whole page with blue water color. The wash made the web highly visible. Next, they traced/cut circles for the spider’s head and body. For the final touch, they used a cardboard edge dipped in black paint for the legs.

Some orb-weaving spiders secure their fatherhood by mutilating their partners’ genitalia—the first such discovery in nature, a new study says.

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