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La plus petite et la plus grande fleur du monde .

Titan Arum (Amorphophallus titanum) "You are what you eat!" The smell, color & even temperature of corpse flowers are meant to attract pollinators & ensure the continuation of the species. Dung beetles, flesh flies, & other carnivorous insects are the primary pollinators. The smell & dark burgundy color of the corpse flower are meant to imitate a dead animal to attract these insects. They even warm up to 98º F to further fool them.

Titan Arum at Bayreuth University 14 - Amorphophallus titanum - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia


Flowering plant with the largest unbranched inflorescence in the world. -- Amorphophallus titanum, known as the Giant Titan Arum.

部屋の画像 by helikkoさん | 部屋とネペンテス・ダイエリアーナと食虫植物とお気に入り植物 フォト&エピソード コンテスト

部屋の画像 by helikkoさん | 部屋とネペンテス・ダイエリアーナと食虫植物とお気に入り植物 フォト&エピソード コンテスト


We have Angel's Trumpet in our garden in Bangalore. In blooms it is as glorious as this looks. "Now here's a garden statement.I've seen a few of these in my travels but none a spetacular as this one! It's an Angels Trumpet Tree"

Flowers in the Cutting Garden at Hillwood, Washington DC

Flowers in the Cutting Garden at Hillwood, Washington DC

Rafflesia, the biggest flower in the world

9 of the worst smelling flowers in the world

The biggest individual flower on earth that has created ecotourism from thousand of people to Southeast Asia.

Caña de azúcar (Saccharum officinarum) en jardines

Caña de azúcar (Saccharum officinarum) en jardines

Botanical Gardens, Sugar Cane Plant, Sugar Crystals, Rock Candy, Syrup, Botany, Tempo, Origins, Sugaring

Chinese Lantern Plant 鬼灯 | ほおずき www.gettyimages.com 15655404… | Flickr

Chinese lantern plant skeleton with fruit. Beautiful fun to have in Fall garden. Caution: these plants spread quickly so recommend trying to contain them.

Baobab Tree Flower.   ("Adansonia digitata.")     Google search:  "Baobab is the common name for each of the nine species of tree in the genus Adansonia. The generic name honours Michel Adanson, the French naturalist and explorer who described Adansonia digitata. Wikipedia."      (Pinned both to Nature - P&F-Flowers-*Odd Non-Orchid Flowers... & Nature - P&F-Flowers, N.O.C....)

Beautiful Baobab flower ~ rarely seen. Baobab Flower - Baobab also known as ‘The Tree of Life’ is an extraordinary African tree.

Tillandsia Ionantha

Tillandsia Ionantha or Sky Plant a very colorful bromeliad at Marie Selby Botanical Gardens in Sarasota, FL.

Hiked into the jungle in Malaysia with Eleanor to see the rare Rafflesia, largest flower in the world (I have no idea who this man is)

Rafflesia arnoldii: this parasitic plant develops the world's largest bloom that can grow over three feet across. The flower is a fleshy color, with spots that make it look like a teenager's acne-ridden skin.

Learn about growing tansy (the good and the bad) here: http://landscaping.about.com/od/herbplants/p/tansy_plants.htm

Landscaping Advice

Tansy Flowers: Invasive, Toxic Plants: Tansy has flowers that resemble little gold buttons.

Poker Primrose

Grape Plant

Jenny Foxglove's Gothic Garden - Poker Primrose, a dazzling and different late-spring bloomer! An unusual alternative to grape hyacinth with vivid flower spikes that open from the bottom up. Grows tall in part shade.