Viking women - coat and embellishment inspiration

Swedish viking done right (not just standard apron dress + plastic beads and nothing else!) This is my goal for my garb.

ÆLFGIFU OF NORTHAMPTON (c.990-1040) was the first QUEEN CONSORT of KING CANUTE OF ENGLAND AND DENMARK from 1030-1035. She was the mother of SWEYN KNUTSSON, KING OF NORWAY and HAROLD HAREFOOT, KING OF ENGLAND. Ælfgifu and Canute were not divorced before he married Emma of Normandy, and there is a lot of confusion over her exact status and the nature of her  marriage. She served as regent from 1030-35, but was so unpopular that there was a revolt. HOUSE OF DENMARK.

"Middle Saxon Woman - A simple costume,in natural colours, accentuated with jewellery. ~ Lots of early-period outfits on this site based on finds in Britain." This is a pretty basic costume for a female character from the Anglo-Saxon culture.

Pretty faces in pretty kit...maybe its just a reenactor thing, but sometimes I can't tell which I...

Maja Satz viking dress, from Sysidan - It says it's a viking style dress, but I would totally wear this.

Ett vikingaliv: Viking

Ett vikingaliv: Viking

I love to combine these old patterns and fabrics to my daily outfit. So much inspiration in these Vikings and Saxons ;)

Reenactor at the Wolin Festival in Poland in 2011 - short purple apron dress

Midtvinterblot hos Österhus Venner 2014 (Vikingsnitt)

Midtvinterblot hos �sterhus Venner 2014

Like --tighter-fitting Viking sleeves. The "shoulder seam" is at the upper arm, and the lower sleeve is bias-cut.

Birka coat by Ingrid Galadriel, with Evebo tablet weaving along the front edges

Ny "Birkacoat" sommeren 2010

Crafting plans: Birka Coat I am sitting here with my lap full of homework and more inspiration than I know what to do with!


Viking and early Saxon coats and caftans, ``The Wychwood Warriors (Oxford University Historical Re-enactment Society) annual Easter trip to a Viking village outside York,

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