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Mulching Leaves - Is It a Mistake to Rake

Why it is a mistake to rake leaves. Use any lawnmower to mulch your leaves. Much easier!

Fall Lawn Tricks for a Killer Lawn in Spring!

Fall Lawn Tricks for a Killer Lawn in Spring! • The secret to a great lawn lies in fall lawn maintenance. • Check out these tips and ideas!

Simple Garden Tool Rack

If you need a place to store your rake, shovel, and other implements of home ownership you could of course buy a commercial solution but two...

raking the leaves- great print IDEA: cover some books with brown paper. Print off this print and divide it up into strips for the book spines to recreate the scene when the book spines are aligned

Fall Decor and Crafts for Thanksgiving

In the following rows you will see how simple items like twigs, fallen leaves, dried flowers, fruits, pumpkins along with candles and vases are able to construct extraordinary scenarios when fueled with creativity happiness and joy.

amazing leaf wreath - take a strong wire and bend it into a circle. "inpale" the leaves in the wire. Fill it as full as you can. Bend the ends of the wire circle into hooks and hook onto each other to close the circle. -Tällaisenhan voisi tehdäkin!

Rake wreath idea...Love this - I had a broke rake and just thru it out - wish I saw this before - Need to start thinking out of the box before tossing!