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How to make a simple #BBQ #DIY

Tin Can Grill: You’ve been craving BBQ meats but your landlord says no BBQs on the fire escape. What’s a girl to do? Make her own mini disposable grill, duh! (via Lifehacker). Are Tin Cans the New Mason Jar? 13 Tin Can DIYs via Brit + Co.

Redneck AC. Funny . . . but clever

Redneck air conditioning :) Pretty smart idea if ya ask me :).this is a dead link, but it's just filled with ice and taped

Tents that zip together. You can having a camping tent fort. I need this!! So awesome

Funny pictures about Awesome tents that zip together can form a camping fort. Oh, and cool pics about Awesome tents that zip together can form a camping fort. Also, Awesome tents that zip together can form a camping fort.

Lifetime Tent Trailer... this is the only way i would ever consider staying in a tent. No finding level ground, no stream running thru your tent when it rains....nice that you can haul other stuff on the trailer too.

Lifetime Tent Trailer - 65043 Off Road Camping Tent Trailer This is pretty awesome.

Fire starter

Fire Starter - Corks in a jar with rubbing alcohol, toss a couple in under kindling, light fire. Great for Camping ~ idea for the fire pit

Top 33 Most Creative Camping DIY Projects and Clever Ideas - DIY  Crafts

use a bucket and a milk crate as an emergency toilet. Please tell, in what sort of emergency situation would you have a bucket, a milk crate, and a toilet SEAT but no actual toilet?

Use a battery operated fan, use a block of ice in the tub.  Perfect a/c for in the car if you must keep conditions cool for a dog.  Use thermometer to verify temps.

Simple Cheap Air Conditioner for your tent when camping. Sometimes it just gets tooooo hot! has ice in the box . use a plastic bottle and freeze. Good for tent camping.

the ultimate camper.dude

Funny pictures about Treehouse-hammock-tent. Oh, and cool pics about Treehouse-hammock-tent. Also, Treehouse-hammock-tent.

solar powered tent with wi-fi, heated floors? Great idea if you are camping out in front of those stores on Black Friday. If only it had plumbing for a flush able toilet.