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[RWBY OC] Cobalt's Arsenal - Nodoka by IndecisiveFigure on DeviantArt

Ladies and gentlemen, heres part 3 of Cobalt Walther's arsenal. May I present the Nodoka.

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Page two of the character sheet based on the template by SoloZerker. This is the printable version. RWBY OC Character Sheet Printable Page 2 More

List of obscure colour words and their definitions. How fun would this list be for a writing assignment? Change up your writing!

'Crimson Twilight' - RWBY OC Weapon (Commission) by…

Another RWBY Weapon! I saw some post somewhere about people wanting a bett.

'Destiny's Ward' - RWBY OC Weapon by on @DeviantArt

The third installment in my fan made RWBY weapon series (based off of Roosterteeth's RWBY). In gun form, it .

'Gaia's Wrath' - RWBY OC Weapon (Commission) by on…

*Sorry if the video wasn't ready for anyone, I had to reupload it to fix an error in the video!

Black Jade (RWBY OC Weapon) by EquestrianMarine on DeviantArt

A more detailed look at Daiyu Virdian's weapon. A high powered, bolt-action sniper/ battle axe that mainly fires gravity dust rounds for extra punch.

RWBY OC - Alistair Leonard by on @DeviantArt

my OC made for so far pretty awesome series, "RWBY" (pronounced as "Ruby" for those who don't know) from Monty Oum and Roost.

'Vindictive Ruin' - RWBY OC Weapon by on @DeviantArt

I think this one is my favorite weapon I've made to date. It takes a page from Flynt's musical-instrument-as-weapon book and takes the form of a boombox.

RWBY OC Weapon: Orion Stats by on @DeviantArt

Modelled weapon for my OC Team NOVA, wielded by Viridian Commette Besides having a sniper, I knew I lso wanted to have a mage with a huge cast range.

'Screaming Angel' - RWBY OC Weapon (Commission)

Sorry these weapons have been funneling out rather slowly!