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'The Soviet Union and Iran had reached an agreement that gave the Soviets an oil concession in Iran. With this promise in hand, the Soviets...moved their troops out of Iran in April 1946. Almost immediately, the Iranian government reneged on the oil deal...The Soviets were furious, but refrained from reintroducing their armed forces into Iran for fear of creating an escalating conflict with the US and Great Britain. The Iranian crisis...helped set the tone for the developing Cold War.'

The impersonal hand of government can never replace the helping hand of a neighbor. Your neighbor is the person who needs you.

MOVE BUFFALO ZOO ELEPHANTS TO BIGGER HABITAT AND WARMER CLIMATE NOW The Buffalo Zoo was just ranked 6th worst zoo for elephants in the U.S. Help send these elephants to a warmer, better habitat! (11076 signatures on petition)

i pined this because everyone should always offer a helping hand and i need to help more.

Black Pastors Lend Helping Hand to African Immigrants in Israel The Tel Aviv office of Mesila — a city government unit that helps African migrants — isn’t a stop you’ll find on most Israel tours.

For many, a “helping hand” is supposed to come from the government, especially when it comes to things related to health care. But innovation, technology, and entrepreneurship are proving that…

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