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That Little Art Teacher: Keeping it all Straight

That Little Art Teacher: Organization. Colored table folders to store artwork in put these inside of the class bin

That Little Art Teacher: 2012 Art Show

This year I decided to take a great tip from Patty at Deep Space Sparkle . I cut butcher paper to display work for each class.

That Little Art Teacher: Plast'r Craft by Pacon Fish Sculpture

Thanks to the wonderful Pacon company, my graders and I were given the opportunity to try out an awesome product!

That Little Art Teacher: Kindergarten Love Notes

Kindergarteners have been working on love notes. I love this project because it is supper simple, works o.

That Little Art Teacher: Classroom Management

Art projects, supplies, classroom management and the little things that make teaching art so exciting.

That Little Art Teacher: iPad, Grading Made Easier Using the iPad to grade and organize student work without having to take the work home with you.

One of the most daunting tasks last year when I switched from Elementary to High School Art was the grading. In Elementary the grades di.

The Helpful Art Teacher: Looking at flowers through the eyes of Georgia O'Keeffe

Helpful Art Teacher: Looking at flowers through the eyes of Georgia O'Keeffe

That Little Art Teacher: Gelli Plates, monoprinting, principles, and a critique

I absolutely could not wait to try my new Gelli Plates with my Art 3 students. I not only wanted them to experiment with the plates, but I .

Art Behavior Board - OMG! Where was this system when I first started teaching? It is so concise and exactly my style. Might change to that system next year.

Kids have cards, they move thier card to a different color depending on the behavior, great idea!

Art Helpers! * USE THIS!

So many great ideas at the site including an easy way to assigning student helpers. Have one table assigned to be helpers each month. Call on table & chair # for helper.