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De-Cluttering Your Life On-Line in 3 Simple Steps

De-cluttering is an activity that many take up after the New Year. The focus is often on bedrooms, basements, garages-the places where 'stuff' accumulates.

vector illustration of female marathon runner running side view with mountains in background - stock vector #marathon #retro #illustration

vector illustration of female marathon runner running side view with mountains in background - stock vector

Life Bot and Alexa — New Productivity and Self-Care Possibilities Abound

Life Bot is a new addition to Alexa's skill set. It aims to make Alexa more useful in managing your daily routines, including learning your preferences.

Daily Choices: The Weave of Your Time, Your Moments, Your Life

Your daily choices are the building blocks of your moments. And your moments are the strands that make up the weave of your life.

Balance in Your Life-5 Timely Tips!

In our last post, we explored ways that our energy influences our balance. In today's issue, we offer tips to further enhance your understanding of balance.

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Transitions in Your Life - Finding Time to Adapt and Grow

ACCEPTANCE AND COMMITMENT THERAPY (ACT) - An Online Resource Q:  I feel I've weathered the worst.  Now what?  A:  Give yourself some credit! If you are like me then you tend to be overly self criti...

Endings and beginnings are happening all the time in our lives. Often we experience them unconsciously, they are so embedded in the rhythm of our days.

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A major cause of stress for busy women is feeling like they are surviving and not thriving. Here are ideas to stop chasing tomorrow and get better life balance in your life today.

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Finding Time to Dance Through Transitions with Your Intuition and Priority Power™

In today's post, we'll talk about the restorative power of your intuition. It can be especially helpful as you navigate the uncharted waters that transitions, by definition, take you to.