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Typography against actual Product shots! Damn brilliant how this Jack Purcell Sneakers ties in so well with the Sans Serif type! And the minimalist aesthetic/Colour palette is brilliant too!

The Posters of Felix Pfäffli | Graphics.com #illustration #poster

Swiss designer, Felix Pfaffli is the mastermind behind design studio Feixen. Producing graphic design, illustration and a specialism in typography, Felix Pfaffli’s bold graphic style embraces…

http://sudpol-plakate.blogspot.ch/search/label/Felix Pfäffli:

"Doomenfels - Wavering Hands", - Lo-Fi Music by 'Südpol-Plakate': Club Koncert, Südpol - GraphicArt by "Feixen" Studio Design (Switzerland) of Felix Pfäffli (b. Swiss), Size: 42 x 30 cm.