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enjoy your long weekend, your barbecue, or your boat. but never forget that Memorial Day is a holiday to honor a very real sacrifice ♥


In case you thought it was national BBQ day." ~ MEMORIAL DAY, originally called Decoration Day, was created to honor U. military who died in the Civil War (then expanded to include all wars).

JASON ALDEAN - "Not Every Man Lives"....always remember.

Keep all of the brave soldiers that have fallen in the line of duty in your hearts; they are heroes in heaven now, but we will always remember their unselfish sacrifice. Also pray for those in the military still today; may God protect them!

Andy Reid, veterano de guerra no Afeganistão, sofreu uma tripla amputação após uma explosão de uma mina. No mais, a foto fala por si mesma...

Triple amputee war hero Any Reid with his newborn son William. This man is a hero! (I believe they meant breaths & breath instead of breathes & breathe, but you get the picture)

Thanks to our military

Sacrifices like this are made every day. So, may we all be reminded, that our FREEDOM comes with a cost, and the brave men and women of our military and their families are paying it.

Soldier Rescuing Small Child

“World peace must develop from inner peace. Peace is not just mere absence of violence. Peace is, I think, the manifestation of human compassion.” What a truly touching image.

“Humans aren’t the only ones who make the ultimate sacrifice”

bless their heart. Many people remember a fallen soldier as a person in uniform. Sometimes that soldier is the four legged friend who saved your life. This is a sad but beautiful picture of pure respect for 2 fallen heroes.

Dedicated to: Every US soldier who fought and fights for my freedom... Thank you to all those who have served and are serving

Let's salute our Troops to honor the brave men and women of the Armed Forces for their unwavering courage, service and sacrifice for the greatest Country in the world -- the United States of America !

Worth a million words ♥ GOD keep this little boys daddy safe, strength to hold on to, and keep this daddy in your loving arms oh god, so the son can once again hold on to his daddy . amen!!

This is so sad, telling his Daddy goodbye! Thank You to every Man and Woman serving in our military to serve and protect the ones we love.

"Seeing how women are treated (in Afghanistan) was sad. In the villages, I'd take my helmet off to show I'm a woman and I'm respected, and that women do have worth."

What a beautiful soldier! “Seeing how women are treated [in Afghanistan] was sad. In the villages, I’d take my helmet off to show I’m a woman and I’m respected, and that women do have worth.

Sgt. Tanner Higgins. A man of honor and loyalty. Sgt. Higgins gave up his life defending the country on April 14. 2012. Let his heroism be told. Please repin in support of all our troops. Thank you. || Rest in peace... My ♥ goes out to the family & friends of this fallen soldier.

A man of honor and loyalty. Higgins gave up his life defending the country on April Let his heroism be told. Please support all our troops.