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Expressions of Love~

My heart just melted.elephants always break my heart.we treat them so shitty :( but I love them

Baby elephants throw themselves into the mud when upset. Seems like a legitimate reaction to me.

Baby elephants throw themselves into the mud when they're upset. Talk about a temper tantrum.

Damit.! It's just been one of those days!

I just swoon over this picture! Love the black and white. Love the little girl. Love the elephant. Love it all! SO CUTE!


self portrait :) But really, this is a great idea. Give the kid a camera and then take photos of him taking photos. oh my gosh! so cute!


Odd couple - Taking time to do nothing often brings everything into perspective ~ Doe Zantamata

"You're my best friend Todd." "and you're mine Copper." "And we will always be friends forever right?" "yeah forever"

This would have been me as a kid. I always wanted an elephant as a best friend.


Adorable concert for one — Boy plays music for a kitten on the street. I wanna play a concert for a kitten