I love owls <3

A Barn Owl on a barn door. I like the contrast of the dark interior of the barn, and the colours of the door in this shot. I wish the barn owl was sligh.

Is it just me or is this owl particularly attractive because it has cat shaped eyes?

I ❥ Snow Owls…

barred owl- among just a few owls that have fully dark eyes. Creeps people out b/c they look more human.

Looks like The Owlry needs fixing..

The Barn Owl is the most widespread species of owl in the world; an incredibly hardy creature, this owl can live in almost any habitat and climate, excluding deserts or extremely cold polar regions.


Farm Fresh Living ~ A Barn Owl sitting on an old Dutch Barn Door ~ Beautiful

Little Owl?  Can’t find the picture source to give credit to the photographer.  Sorry!

Northern Pygmy Owl (Glaucidium gnoma) - photo: Milo Burcham Easter America and Canada