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Presidential Election {Mock Election} Mini Lesson

Presidential Election {Mock Election} Mini Lesson

Making Inferences Role Play Activity   FREE download! Teaching making inferences is not always this fun!

Students with language difficulties struggle to make inferences and draw conclusions when faced with text in the classroom and on tests. Teach them that these skills are actually things that they do everyday whether it be eavesdropping on a big sister

Silhouette bulletin board -- great for September meet the Teacher or for Arts Night.

Silhouette All School Bulletin Board

I've been kind of out of comish with morning sickness. Preg again! Sorry for the lack of posts. (if anyone reads this that is) Anyway, I made this really fun silhouette bulletin board at my school about a month ago.

Open it up and inside is their writing of what their dream is inside. :) Super cute!

MLK activity - inside the kids can write about their dream. Then you can make a book of the entire class's ideas/dreams! Kids will love reading their own work.

LEARNING STATIONS FOR INDEPENDENT READING: Use learning stations in middle and high school English when students are reading their own novels.

These learning stations allow for students to choose how they interact with the text, as mentioned by Guthrie, Ivey, and Johnston.

Teaching With a Mountain View: Host a Classroom Book Tasting!

Host a Classroom Book Tasting!

File this under lessons that must be repeated multiple times throughout the year! I hosted my very first classroom Book Tasting yesterday, and my students were ALL IN! Book Tastings are a wonderful w

Love Bucket Filling at my school :)

Day 1: Being Bucket Fillers

How to be a bucket filler. Love this! I can post it by my bucket filler board so they always know what they can do to fill buckets