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Ask An Adoption Question #6: "I want to adopt - where do I start?" Check out how I answer this based on my experience through two domestic infant adoptions.

Our agency's president recently made an addition to his title. I think I'm going to change mine to "Awesome Mom" -- just dreaming. :)

Watch As This Retired Military Dog Meets His Precious New Family Member For The First Time! What A Sweetheart! | The Animal Rescue Site Blog

A beautifully designed website dedicated to special needs children from China: those who have been adopted and those awaiting a loving home.

"What We Should Have Known About Adoption And Attachment Disorder." My wife Betsy and I adopted two brothers in Ukraine, Peter and Bohdan, in 2005, when they were five and three years old. I’m a professional writer, and have just published a book about that experience called Detachment: An Adoption Memoir, but I’ll tell the story here from the perspective of what I wish we’d known in advance.

This is Josh. He is 15. He was abandoned at the park by his mom at 3. And doesn't remember much about his family. He longs to find his mom but needs a real family who will love and support him through his search. He loves to skateboard and hang out with his friends. *adopted by Midnight Sparkle*

As a mom of three, two adopted internationally, I get a lot of questions about adopting our girls. We’ve completed two international adoptions, but we’ve actually pursued four, and while I’m no expert, I don’t mind sharing what we’ve learned and observed over the last five years. Every child, situation, agency, and country of origin is unique. Your experience is probably different than mine, but in an attempt to answer (...) READ MORE

“Parenting is a gift and a privilege. Adoption has healed my heart, and renewed my faith. Each day, I am inspired to be the best parent I can, by the simple fact that our children’s birthmothers and God have entrusted them to us.” —Sherra Buckley