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Pardon my ghetto... But bitch, please.

Don't fuck with me today bitch!!!

This has been me this holiday season! If I can't bend over to get the stuff from the bottom of the cart you might need to back the step up!!

I cant control both! And dont want to anymore, dont like it or me, just fck off or better just drop dead!

bitches be trippin'! #ecards #funny

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You, a trouble maker

I noticed you,you stood out like a sore thumb.The most beautiful sore thumb i'd ever seen.I took you out, showed you a good time.We danced all night and i waited till the time was right when i was almost sick on you. (~About your dress ,The Maccabees)

When you haven't worn makeup in a week and you put mascara on and you're like ... move over Beyonce. Mama's back.