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Scientists Just Showed That Human Eyes Can Detect A Single Photon

World-first experiment finds our eyes are capable of detecting individual photons - ScienceAlert

Sommige dingen zitten gewoon in de genen. Lees dit blog over het hoe en wat in mijn situatie. #genen #familie #erfelijk #dna #flourishlikeapalmtree

Researchers have identified a gene variant linked to psychotic symptoms and cognitive impairment in people with bipolar disorder.

aburrido pasate

Lo mejor que veras esta noche 08/02/2017

A crow lands on the eagles head much to the eagles displeasure. (Photo by Greaves B.

Image result for fashion in the future 2050

‘We’ll have a nicer lifestyle with more time for relaxation,’ reckons Ian Pearson.

In deep space, there lies a wandering black hole moving from galaxy to galaxy, absorbing matter at a relentless rate.

Physicists Prove It’s Possible To Survive Falling Into A Black Hole

Tasmanian Devils are Evolving to Resist a Contagious Face Cancer

Due to a deadly facial disease, researchers predicted the Tasmanian devils will be extinct by now, yet the little devils continue to persist—albeit in low numbers. A recent genetic study has revealed how they managed to endure.

Astronomers spot stellar void in Milky Way | BBC Sky at Night Magazine

A giant stellar void in the Milky Way An artist's impression of the implied distribution of young stars, represented here by Cepheids shown as blue stars, plotted on the background of a drawing of the Milky Way: University of Tokyo.

A photo of a wafer full of phase-change devices (the silver squares). The probe needles are required to make the actual thing work: this is a prototype chip without the usual traces/pins that would connect it to a circuit board.

IBM creates world’s first artificial phase-change neurons

Phase-change neurons developed by IBM Research store data and compute like the human brain. Researchers at IBM have created artificial neurons that mimic the human brain in the way they store and process data, allowing them to learn unsupervised.

Факты о черных дырах которые должен знать каждый http://ift.tt/2lvPIJH

Факты о черных дырах которые должен знать каждый http://ift.tt/2lvPIJH

The First Results of Gene Editing in Normal Embryos Have Been Released

New Record Set for Keeping Lab-Grown Human Embryos Alive

What Kind Of Empath Are You

What Kind Of Empath Are You?

Have you ever experienced social phobias and anxiety? A recent scientific study has linked social anxiety to being an Empath!

Nanotechnology kills cancer metasteses in mice.

Nano-balls filled with poison wipe out metastatic cancer in mice

One-Eyed Rescue Cat Looks Like A Pirate

Wesley is a little pirate kitty who has one eye and an adorable scalleywag grin on his face. Every day he waited in the shelter, but people just passed him by

15 невероятных афропричесок, покоривших жюри всемирного конкурса парикмахерского искусства - МирТесен

Collection nominated for the final of British Hairdresser of the Year Award Afro category and earned Lisa 3 Black Hair & Beauty Awards finalist nominations in