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Mavi is a drink made with sugar and the bark or fruit of a tree found in the northern Caribbean. Mavi can be fermented or unfermented, fizzy or still. As to what it tastes like, think of it as a kind of root beer with a bitter kick. Find the recipe at: https://sites.google.com/site/myrecipecollection/mavi Tips The colder the Mavi, the better it tastes. The Mavi bark tree can be found in health food stores and online at: http://herbs-depot.com

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The Coqui is a tiny frog found everywhere on the island and is an "unofficial national symbol". There was a legend that stated that this tiny frog would not sing if it left the island. The myth has been busted! The frog has spread to some of the Hawaiian islands when it was introduced by mistake in some plants in the last couple of years whre ironically, they are considered a pest.

If you havent rried these your missing out!! These are Quenepas from Puerto Rico, otherwise known as JA: Guineps / Nica: Mamoncillo / Haiti: Quenepe ...among other words

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