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Amazing athlete...most intense competitive small breed the JRT

And they catch some SERIOUS air. 19 Jack Russell Terriers Totally Defying The Laws Of Physics

Animal Portraits

Ger’off! I’m having my picture taken: Dogs show their playful side in super-cute portraits

The Preachers Daughter

Praying Puppy-Dog: "Dear God, I pray that my Mistress brings me home steak for dinner this evening. Thanking you in anticipation.

Minnie me

I love this artist's dog. and her designs! Look at that baby hat - too cute!


You’ve Got to See These 21 Perfectly Caught Moments. Amazing Photographs

Let me catch you The Amazing Funny Pic that is unbelievable and take a perfectly timed photo with using different objects and living thing.

Jack Russell Puppy

Sonic Anyone? (Shorty jacks of Colorado shortie jack russell terrier puppies) Momma's new puppy

Saddle UP hehe :) puppy

Side kick is a very old phrase. A pocket used to be known as a kick. Therefore side kick used to refer to a trusted friend that you kept close by or in your pocket. need to make a "pocket for Cosmo"