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“Got Pecs?” – Great Links to Websites with Free Pecs

Images from: www.babysignlanguage.com

I have always taught my pets sign language. Some I make up, some are similar to sign language.

Jo Huey's Ten Absolutes of Alzheimer's Care

top 10 tips for communicating through alzheimers

Jo Huey's Ten Absolutes of Alzheimer's Care [ "Ten tips for communication (Dementia)", "Communication tips for the dementia caregiver: \"Ten Absolutes of

I use this list all the time a list of Funny Icebreaker Questions  that can be used with any age group even in staff meetings

Unlimited List Building: 6 Sources for New Subscribers

For the interviewer - here are some gentle opening questions to start the interview & relax the candidate.

Family Fun: Find 6 Words Hidden in These Pictures | Just for Fun | SmartParenting.com.ph

This time we challenge you to find the hidden words in the 7 drawings below! Each puzzle has 6 hidden words.

The SWOT Analysis cheat sheet is an easy tool for students to use during the learning and demonstrating parts of class work.

The SWOT Analysis cheat sheet- I've never seen one before. May be handy to have when working on a Business Case