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a little long but so worth it!

So many funny animal photos! I had to laugh out loud at some of them--my hubby looked at me from the couch like he thought I'd lost it. Like watching Funniest Home Videos for a few hours.

Is this the same guy as Canada Day maple leaf?!?

They don't love him enough..

I didn't write this but I thought the same thing: Is this the same guy as Canada Day maple leaf?

These are so funny!! Read them all!

Bad Dogs

That's not how Ragnarok goes, Moon moon! You eat odin not jesus!

I don't know why but i cried hysterically for about 9 minutes after seeing this. That poor dog!!!

I love Tuna "Phteven" - the chi-doxie! I tell people all the time, "It's Steven with a 'v'" to spell my husband's name, so these "Phteven" memes are double hilarious to me!

Oh. My. God. People are stupid, but this is funny as.

Funny pictures about Biggest logo fails. Oh, and cool pics about Biggest logo fails. Also, Biggest logo fails photos.