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Joseph Atwill has not proven that Jesus was made up by the Romans.

Joseph Atwill has not proven that Jesus was made up by the Romans.

Vercingetorix throws down his arms at the feet of Julius Caesar - Lionel Royer, 1899 (Musée Crozatier, Puy-en-Velay)

Battle of Teutoburg Forest Romans ambushed by Germanic tribes 9 CE  - http://www.inblogg.com/battle-of-teutoburg-forest-romans-ambushed-by-germanic-tribes-9-ce/

News: The battle in the Teutoburg Forest - a battle in September Year 9 AD between the Germans (Cheruscians etc.) and the Roman army , which lead to their total defeat.

In honor of  Hillary Clinton's historic victory.

LIFE With Hillary: Portraits of a Wellesley Grad, 1969

Hillary Clinton in 1969 Class leader Hillary Rodham of Wellesley College talking about student protests which she supported in her commencement speech.

Comandados por Viriato e outros guerreiros, os lusitanos resistiram durante 200 anos aos invasores romanos, conquistando o respeito dos próprios inimigos.

Viriato, leader of the Lusitani who was famous for resisting Roman occupation of Western Hispania (Portugal). Here he leads the Lusitani in an ambush attack against a column of a Roman legion in ma.

Recreated Naval Battle inside the Roman Coliseum.

Roman Naval Battles inside the Colosseum. No-one's sure that this actually happened, but it makes a good story.