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'Distorted Gravity' is a creative photography project by Anka Zhuravleva, her chosen medium has been photography since She started her career modelling for agencie

Random inspiration...since ghosts and shadows can defy all laws of gravity.

surreal - She'd occasionally just fall asleep that way. Waking her up was a snafu to be avoided at all costs, and thus, being a heavy treader, Mark never made it to the bathroom that night.

storybooks by *vampire-zombie on deviantART

Previous poster: Why hold your book and have your arms get tired when you have magic powers? Me: Oh, I thought I wanted my superpower to be flying! Now I'm not so sure.

hotel rooms are so unique. where else can u jump up and down on the bed in ur shoes with a show cap on ur head, thinking 'what can I steal next' .....-Dylan Moran

red-lipstick: Bill Levy, Murry Whiteman - Cover Art (detail) for Martin Briley’s album One Night With A Stranger, 1983 Mercury Records