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Happy 6th Birthday, Twitter!

The company is set up this way by Jack Dorsey, Square’s chief executive and co-founder, for a reason: to promote trust and transparency in its employees, which it hopes will translate to its customers. Design, he believes, has the power to determine a distinct mind-set, something he needs if Square is to succeed as a mobile payment system.

Oh Twitter. I thought when Google left you things would start to slow down. But no. You hung in there! Well done Twitter well done.

Business Photos by Google - Today is a great day when you get to become a official partner for Google in your local town. We are excited to have the opportunity to help other local business owners get more exposure with their Google Places/Maps. thanks G! and

Infografía: Cronología Twitter por su 6to cumpleaños via @cdperiodismo

Square Credit Card Reader Carrying cash is passe. Square, on the other hand, is plastic fantastiqué. The sleek little device plugs into your iPhone, iPad, iPod Touch, or Android, so you can accept payment from anyone via credit card. Just sign up, and the company ships you the card reader free