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2017 Full Moon Calendar tree of life Mandala- lunar calendar 8"x11

2016 Full Moon Calendar tree of life Mandala by SoulArteEclectica Available on my etsy site, for $8.50

triskelion. Forward motion - cycles, progress, moving forward. Three - spirit/mind/body, father/son/holy spirit/, past/present/future, phases of the moon (new, half, full). ( have full description)

Celtic Mistletoe Lore: Five days after the first new moon following the winter solstice, Druid priests cut mistletoe with a golden sickle from a special oak tree and had to catch the mistletoe before it hit ground. The plant was distributed among the people to hang over their doors for protection against evil in the coming year. - Pinned by The Mystic's Emporium on Etsy

Smudge made from gathered cedar, rose petals, sage, rosemary lavender, measure approx. 9" long. Humanely gathered large turkey feathers have a wooden bead gold wrap with ribbon on the end for hanging in a special place, measure approx. 14" long. Burn the end of the stick over a match or flame waft the smoke with the feather whenever wherever you want to clear negative energy, allow positive energy to flow, or make room for new energy to come forth.