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HAHAHA. Please excuse all my Glozell/One Direction posts right now. Just keep scrolling. Glozell+One Direction=best thing eveeer.

like a 14 year old white girl.oh wait i am a 14 year old white girl ;

Awww!  hazza is so frickin frackin cute even in his weird moments

My mom doesn't even assume I'm texting a boy, her mind goes straight to pics my life

AhahahahahahahahahahahahaAhahahahahahahahahahahahaAhahahahahahahahahahahahaAhahahahahahahahahahahahaAhahahahahahahahahahahahaAhahahahahahahahahahahahaAhahahahahahahahahahahahaAhahahahahahahahahahahaha OOOOOHHHHHHH SNAPPPP!!!!

Hahahaha (if you watched the prank on nick then you will get it!

Well, they look familiar to me on this pictures, but who are they again? Aren't Neil and Henry there? But who are the two brown haired dudes there? Well, I think I'm confused, I don't even know why I have a board of these strangers :D

But I can't hide it, my friends are even scared to talk bad about them around me

cute, eyes, handsome, louis tomlinson, marry me - inspiring picture on Favim.com

lol funniest part of the the One thing video! I love Zouis! One of my favorite bromances next to Ziall.