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Whitest picture I've seen

I get that this is cute, but that's a horrible thing to do to the dog. Dogs should be walked like a normal dog, not in a baby stroller. The dog is all squished in there and clearly not happy.

best small dog breeds for kids news

Cavalier King Charles Spaniel Puppies Are The Cutest Puppies Ever -Look at that sweet face.


A black & white kitty and a Jack Russell. Kitty the Cat and Buttons the Jack Russel think they're sisters after being put together in Rescue Center.

Oh my!  This is one of the sweetest pictures I have ever seen!!!  Look at that little baby's face!!!

Pitbull mama and her pup. Mama looks sad and the pup looks like it is thinking, "But I love you, Mom!


Before you call a Australian Shepherd/Spaniel (Unknown Type) puppy breeder in Gainesville, FL.