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Late night cravings

We have to stop the late night cravings, they will sabotage your weight-loss and fitness goals. Try not to eat at least 2 to 3 hours before bedtime if you do have them use one of these suggestions. Your hard work will soon pay off!

Έχετε απελπιστεί με το λίπος στη κοιλιά; Αυτός ο χυμός σας δίνει τη λύση!

Έχετε απελπιστεί με το λίπος στη κοιλιά; Αυτός ο χυμός σας δίνει τη λύση!

You're sweating, panting, and shaking a little—it was a great workout, but you're exhausted. Make sure you keep your post-workout habits healthy so that you get the most from your efforts. Too tired to stretch afterward? Don’t chicken out. Your body needs those few minutes of stretching to release built-up lactic acid from the muscles. Want more inspiration? Read on as eBay shares a list of the worst things you can do after a workout.

The Worst Things You Can Do After A Workout

Lots of 21 Day Fix Dinner Recipes - never have the same thing twice! These are all quick and easy 21 Day Fix dinner recipes and some healthy side dishes, too - plus, the container counts are listed for each recipe!

Looking for 21 Day Fix Dinner recipes? I have a bunch for you here - and the list includes containers counts and even some side dish suggestions!

Getting a flat belly is way more than just doing crunches!  #flatbelly #tips

21 Flat Belly Tips

Original pinner wrote:These 21 Flat Belly Tips helped me to get my flat belly and maintain it!

Water is more important for your body’s survival than food. You can live without water for approximately one week, but you can survive without food for more than a month. Lack of water also contributes to slow hair growth, hypertension, diabetes, kidney stones and an overworked heart. Drink your water!

The miracle that is water! Great infographic showing the many health benefits of water.

Poor Girl Eats Well. I haven't actually read this yet, but it's about how to make great food on a limited budget.

Poor Girl Eats Well: the 25 dollar shopping cart! Eating on a budget! Great for fresh inspiration! College eating here I come!