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Great story

The wonderful story of Bran. Made me tear up! Such a handsome dog and a beautiful story that makes me happy that there are good people in this world.

These two are going to be best friends…each one of my kids will have a puppy to themselves

These two are going to be best friends…

These two are going to be best friends… ADORABLE (Click through to see them all)

Even MORE Funny Pictures - 81 Pics

Puppies n babies. Babies n puppies. Does it get any more adorable?

A puppy or a toddler....

Silence is golden unless you have a puppy. Then silence is suspicious. Very very suspicious .

El pequeño cachorrito de perro policía que aún es demasiado pequeño para su chaleco. | Los cachorritos más adorables de 2014

Los cachorritos más adorables de 2014

The cutest police officer on the Boston PD is none other than German Shepard puppy named Tuco. A photo of the little pup in his police vest was recently reported by Vest-A-Dog, a non-profit that prov…

Reminiscent of Shakespeare, only from the neck up.

This cat who thought the glass jar was a good place to hide: 19 Cats Who Made Very Poor Life Choices


no puppies will be kissing my babies in the mouth! Puppies And Babies, Sitting On a Tree // funny pictures - funny photos - funny images - funny pics - funny quotes -

The question all parents dread...and all pet owners too <3 <3 <3

I dont care what anyone says . Yellow labs just do weird stuff compared to chocolate and black. They're the same, but. This is so true. We had a chocolate lab and now have a yellow. Yellow Labs are "special".


30 Cats And Dogs Losing The Battle Against Human Furniture

Why did I not think of this? Keep my pup out of trouble.puppy time-out!