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25 Biggest Landscaping Mistakes

Ignoring the Seasons:Not planning a garden for year-round color or interest. Plan out your garden with regard to the seasons. When homeowners go to a nursery or plant yard, they often just buy what's in season at the time. Various flowers bloom at certain times of the year. If you've got a lot of plants that are blooming in the spring, remember that in the fall you're going to need some other plants, if you want foliage. Select plants that look good in the winter and in the spring, if…

Jane's dream garden. Add in enough silver blue and white to tie to house color. Conifers, acers, smoke tree

Fall Landscaping Ideas

Fall Landscaping Ideas. Select a variety of evergreens to plant around the edges of your yard. They'll give you year-round privacy and provide a beautiful backdrop for other trees, shrubs, and flowers that show off brilliant fall color. Choose cultivars that mature at an appropriate size for your yard.

Clethra "Ruby Spice" ~ also known as sweet shrub, this is a summer-blooming deciduous shrub that draws butterflies and hummingbirds to your garden!

Power Perennials: Plants That Thrive No Matter What

Just when you think winter is never going to end, the hellebore burst into bloom. Often called Lenten or Christmas rose because of their early-flowering season, hellebore excels in the shade garden where its nodding pink, white, rose, green, purple, yellow, spotted, or bicolored blooms bring welcome color to dark corners of the landscape. companions for spring-flowering bulbs such as Narcissus and Scilla. Hellebores are also deer and rabbit resistant. Zones 4-9

8 Steps to a New Garden

Step 5: Site Your Plants. Though it takes a little extra time, placing all your plants before you put them in the ground can make a world of difference. This allows you to get the spacing just right and make your plants really will look good next to each other.

Big Perennials for Big Impact

Delphinium. Make stunning cut-flower arrangements with delphiniums. This summer-garden classic bears spikes of intensely colored blossoms in shades of blue, purple, white, and pink. The biggest varieties can reach 6 feet tall, though there are dwarf selections. Cut down spent blossoms to coax another flush of blooms.. Name: Delphinium selections. Zones: 3-7. Learn more about delphinium.

A native of Japan, andromeda (Pieris japonica) is a handsome broadleaf evergreen shrub that makes an ideal foundation or specimen plant. It's a slow-growing shrub that can reach 10 feet tall if left unpruned. In the early spring, andromeda develops arching clusters of white flowers that resemble lily-of-the-valley blooms (there are also pink-flowering forms, as well as types that have reddish or pinkish new growth).