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Why so sad??? #lolaxoxo

Why so sad?

"Behind my smile is a hurting heart. Behind my laugh I'm falling apart. Look closely at me and you will see that the girl I am is not me"

Look closely at me and you will see that the girl i am is not me.

I actually drew this once and it is actually one of my favorite drawings beings that I suck. C:

Which Alice In Wonderland Character Are You?

Story Of A Boy. by 89pixels.deviantart.com on @deviantART

A cute, short story to add just a little bit more to your faith in humanity-- er, the Internet community, then!<--- this is so sweet

My name is Zuko Kurama, age is 17, and power is the control of fire and blood. I don't like people, don't want friends, and I don't want to hear anything about how a villain should act so close your lips and shut your tongue. I enjoy music, destroying stuff, and mass murders. I plan to live how I want. I don't need friends so shoo, or I will actually make your blood boil in your veins.

Your yandere love life [P3] (story results)

I haven't seen this anime, but this is really inspiring

This anime, had so many turns and quite some big feels moments.