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Probably the most famous Panther (G) of all time. Cologne 1944

Probably the most famous Panther (G) of all time.

Waffen SS "Wiking" Panther in Russia

SS-Obersturmführer Karl Nicolussi-Leck (Panther’s cupola), commander of 5 of the Wiking Division, and a Sd. D, during the battles east of Warsaw, August

Panther`s somewhere on there way in deep Russia ... ca. 1943 .

Commander Kurt Knispel and his leading King Tiger pass a column of Panther V tanks.

Experimental--Flakpanzer Coelian/ The Nazis wanted this Twin 3.7cm Flak 43 on a Panther chassis to deal with rocket firing aircraftbut no chassis were available because of need for Tanks. At end of war only a wooden mock-up had been completed. There was also to be a single barrel 5.5 cm which would be about the Soviet 57 mm.

A prototype Flakpanzer Cölian using a Panther chassis and a mock turret that would have featured a cm Flakzwilling 43 gun.none were produced or saw service.

German soldiers repairing a Panzer V "Panther" . Russia  May 1944

German soldiers repairing a Panzer V "Panther" transmission. Russia, May

Panzer I was a light tank produced in Germany in the 1930s. Panzerkampfwagen I "armored fighting vehicle mark I". 2 × 7.92 mm MG13 machine guns.

Long before the massive Tiger and Panthers rolled into battle, Nazi Germany's entire armored forces relied on this vehicle, the Panzerkampfwagen I, or P. Panzer I Ausf.

Troops and Panzerkampfwagen IVs in winter camouflage on the Eastern Front in 1943 The Panzer IVs (Ausf late G or H) are wearing Schürzen - spaced armour skirting protecting the hull and turret.

― Third Reichさん( 「German soldiers with some Panzer IV's in Russia,

Panzerjäger Hornisse - Nashorn con su dotación, cruzando un río. (Foto coloreada)

“A superb colourized picture of a Nashorn and her crew taking a swim.

Pinturas de tanques: Segunda Guerra Mundial — 1944 Ostfront Hungría Tiger II Porsche turm...

Some Panzer IVs of all versions were built during World War II, with only the StuG III assault-gun/tank destroyer's vehicle production run exceeding the Panzer IV's total among Axis armored forces.

Great photo of three Panther V Ausf A tanks and a fourth showing its muzzle brake!

PzKpfw V "Panther" tanks, Regiment, Panzer Lehr Division of the Wehrmacht in Normandy. In the foreground - gun muzzle brake of one of the "Panther".

SS Panther with cover over gun, plus camoflage #worldwar2 #tanks

German Panzer V Panther tank camouflaged between buildings near Monte Cassino Italy Photo: Bundesarchiv Bild Lüthge