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This would look nice indeed on our desk or in our foyer at the imaginary office of WiddlyScudsCo.com

One of the more creative ways to cultivate cannabis at home is to grow a marijuana bonsai tree. Seriously, you can train a cannabis plant to grow into pretty much any shape you can imagine. And if you

Bonsai - well-loved and tended. (the pot is also a rock...SO COOL)

I love how it looks like a real tree. And I love the rock instead of a plant pot.

Planting bonsai trees with the most unconventional colors ever #Bonsai art #Bonsai| http://bonsai.lemoncoin.org

Planting bonsai trees with the most unconventional colors ever art

@PinFantasy - Algunos consejos e ideas sobre bonsai // Some tips and ideas about bonsai ~~~ Welcome to Korea Bonsai Association.

Ficus Bonsai

Welcome to Korea Bonsai Association – Bonsai is a creative art when we look at the beautiful condition of nature and associate it's with growing flower patterns or growing shapes of trees.

This is one of a series of extreme bonsai tree house creations. We assume this is a library, naturally.

Takanori Aiba is a Japanese artist who specializes in intricate Bonsai Tree-houses. Aiba uses craft paper, plastic, plaster, acrylic resin, paint and other materials to construct sprawling miniature tree-house communities that wrap around bonsai trees.

Bonsai More At FOSTERGINGER @ Pinterest

I have been keeping bonsai for many years and just save photos as I come across them. To view some of these wonderful plants please view this gallery, you can click an image for a slideshow ……

Bonsai forest via Club de Bonsaitas

Bonsai Forest "This Sargent juniper from the Pacific Rim Bonsai Collection in Washington, D., resembles a mature forest. However, the plant measures only 35 inches tall. Courtesy of Jonathan Singer.