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A Penny For Your Thoughts Necklace

Keep the change and see the change within yourself with Trudy James's thought-provoking penny necklace.

Porcelain Bar Necklace

This modern classic adds a touch of shimmer to your outfit.

Square Sprout Necklace

Inspired by the natural geometry of springtime sprouts, this pendant features playfully contrasting elements.

Bronze Pretzel Necklace

This deliciously droll necklace is shaped like a toasty bronze pretzel.

Hydrangea Silver Dipped Lace Necklace

Hydrangea Silver Dipped Lace Necklace | lace jewelry, handmade necklace

Starry Friends Necklace

Starry Friends Necklace | Silver Friendship Pendant, Good friends are like the stars, Kathy Bransfield

Counting Beads Necklace

These strands of hematite and agate beads are stylish statements you can count on - literally.

Golden Sunflower Necklaces

Sunflower Necklaces,Golden Sunflower

Explorer Sundial Necklace

Stay on course with this nautical themed sundial necklace, handmade from brass stainless steel.

Calla Lily Pendant Necklace

This refined, contemporary necklace has a calla lily pendant crafted from enameled copper, suspended from a nylon coated wire.