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st pauls basilica
Roman Pagan Religion - "The law imprinted on the hearts of all men is to love the members of society as themselves."
Church of the Gesù, Rome. Giacomo della Porta 1575-7. Baroque really means absurd or grotesque, used by men wh insisted that the classical buildings should only be used in ways adopted by greeks. not do so was a lack of taste hence the label Barque. this building was a new church combining the renaissance idea of round and symmetrical had been rejected. the way the classical elements are fused into a pattern which is not repetitive, giving the whole structure richness, variety and solemnity
st pauls basilica columns
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The brickwork for these buildings are laid out in a diamond pattern that was also seen on many of the Roman roads.    These walls were constructed using the valuable purple-red stones and Roman concrete.  This is probably from around the mid 1st century during Emperor Hadrian's rule .  The building on the left is the Villa Adriana and the right is S. Saba.
Basilica of Saint Praxedes in Rome