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Virginia Woolf, Mrs. Dalloway

The outer world reflecting the inner: Tension in Virginia Woolf's Mrs. "The world wavered and quivered and threatened to burst into flame.

Slyvia Plath adored Virginia Woolf the way I adore her

Sylvia Plath’s journal entry on Virginia Woolf. I suppose I'll always be over-vulnerable, slightly paranoid.

indeed. Virginia Woolf. "The history of men's opposition to women's emancipatoin is more interesting perhaps than the story of that emancipation itself."

But Who's Afraid of Virginia Woolf?Folks opposed to women's emancipation, 'natch

Virginia Woolf on emotions at one time.  From a letter from Virginia Woolf to Ethel Smyth, August 28, 1930, in The Letters of Virginia Woolf vol. 4, 1929–1931 (London: Hogarth, 1978), 205.

My emotions became like so many strange guests. As if chapter after chapter of your life, panel after panel of your psychology were opening and shutting in the twilight. - Virginia Woolf, Letter to Ethel Smyth August 1930

I fell in love with the darkness

"Night had come -- night that she loved of all times, night in which the reflections in the dark pool of the mind shine more clearly than by day." - Virginia Woolf, "Orlando: A Biography" (novel).

Michel de Montaigne and Virginia Woolf regarding conformity and what it does to the soul.

As Romans says, "don't conform to the patterns of this world." <<< My best friend inspires me

charming life pattern: Virginia Woolf - the waves - quote - things have d...

charming life pattern: Virginia Woolf - the waves - quote - things have d.

Gettin' feral, with Virginia Woolf, the diary of.

sad women who experienced one of life's most tragic acts of betrayal but considered an authority in modernist style writings.